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Local Civil Liberties Campaigner condemns Tory Security Proposals

January 22, 2015 11:57 PM
Originally published by South Central Region Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Reading East, Dr Jenny Woods, this week condemned the knee-jerk response from the Tories, who are demanding to bring back the twice-defeated Snooper's Charter and ban online encryption in response to the terrible events at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

jenny woods

Dr Jenny Woods studying the details of the Snooper's Charter

Jenny, who has successfully campaigned for many years against intrusive state surveillance of everyone's communications, pointed out that there are already laws in place allowing the security services to monitor suspected terrorists, such as those who carried out the attacks, without needing to spy on innocent citizens.

She described how David Cameron's suggestions would, in fact, put everyone at risk.

"Every time we go online to do our banking or shopping, our financial details are protected by encryption. When we send a private message to a loved one, it is encryption that makes sure it stays private. Banning encryption means our details would be open for anyone to steal."

"The Snooper's Charter would track everyone, so a profile of you, your interests and activities could be built-up. Your private habits and personal connections would be made available to the government on demand!

"It damages privacy for professionals - such as between journalists and their contacts, doctors and their patients, lawyers and their clients.

"It could crush the small start-up businesses which are so important in Reading - and would force companies to collect and store data they have no business need for, giving higher costs and making their systems insecure."

"Whilst the events in France and Belgium are appalling, they were committed by a small number of extremists who were already known to the security services. The way to respond to these attacks is not to assume we are all guilty and try to watch everyone, but to do a better job of concentrating on known leads."

Notes for the editor

picture shows Dr Jenny Woods studying the details of the Snooper's Charter

Jenny's original speech against the Snooper's Charter can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53eQQOc-Nms

For further information

Contact Jenny Woods on 07500 016199 or jenny@jennywoods.org.uk