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Wokingham Liberal Democrats

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Our ideas for Wokingham Town Centre Regeneration

January 21, 2016 9:32 PM
By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

Wokingham Liberal Democrats would like to present their alternative views to the Wokingham Regeneration Scheme.

The key point of note are:

How can we make this happen?

Lets talk about Elms Field

Current Conservative Plan for Elms Field

Current Conservative led plan

The current plan for Elms field involves building private housing on the two sides of the main park, none of which will be affordable.

Many of the exisiting large trees would be cut down.

The plan sill includes building a supermarket, more shops and a hotel on what is currently green space.

Liberal Democrat Plan for Elms Field

Liberal Democrat proposal for Elms Field

The Liberal Democrats want to save the green space

The only housing proposed would be on the on the remains of the former office building, some of which would be affordable.

The hotel would be moved neaer the swimming pool.

Access to the Elms Field park would be improved and the green space would be enhanced.

We would no longer need the Supermarket and extra housing.

One of the main reasons development is being considered on Elms Field is to offest the costs of building Peach Place.

Peach Place

Costly to build

Removes the Rose St Car park, Wokingham's most popular Car Park

Removes parking for the Methodist Church and the Doctors surgery.

Current plan for Peach Place

Current plan for Peach Place

The Lib Dem plan:

Retains the Rose St Car Park

Still builds new shops and renovates exisitng shops

Includes the building of a War Memorial

Allows us to keep Elms Field

Inculdes an on-line 'dark' grocery store in an industial site location not in the town.

Liberal Democrat ideas for Peach Place

Libdem Alternative Plan for Peach Place