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The Liberal Democrats are the only party that have wholeheartedly supported Remain - Meri O'Connell

July 1, 2016 11:20 AM

Recently re-elected Reading Councillor Meri O'Connell, the Parliamentary Candidate for the Lib Dems in Reading West in 2015 gave this response to the EU Referendum on Sunday 26th as the dust began to settle.

As we all reel from the aftermath of the referendum result it's worth noting that the majority of West Berkshire and Reading residents voted to remain, reflecting the outward looking values that make us such great places to live and work in. I know many people share the same sorrow that I feel at us voting to leave, but what has also struck me is how many people who voted to leave who are now regretting their vote.

They have good reason to, because Leave politicians are now admitting they lied to get your vote.

They lied about putting £350 million pounds a week into the NHS - they now claim they never said that would happen! Not one single organisation within the NHS supported leaving - they knew that leaving would reduce the amount of money they receive.

They lied about reducing immigration to this country - they now claim that they only ever said it would give us 'control' over who comes into our country, but that wouldn't necessarily reduce numbers. Dodgy leaflets deliberately mislead people into believing that countries like Turkey, Syria and Iraq were going to join the EU in the near future - lies, lies and more lies!

David Cameron lied to us - he said that he would remain as leader of the Conservative Party to guide the country through the turbulent years ahead in the event of Brexit. Now he has resigned and we are faced with a party in charge that is torn apart and unable to focus on the everyday needs of the British people.

And where are the Labour party? Led by a leader whose campaign to remain was so lacklustre that none of their voters in Labour heartlands listened to a word he said. They are facing another lengthy period of infighting and are unable to provide any kind of challenge to the broken Tories.

- we want change and reform of the EU, but have always believed that it's in the best interests of the British people if we campaign for that change from the inside, where we have a voice and influence. There is no division within our party and we are ready to fight back on behalf of the 48% who voted to remain.

And we welcome those of you who voted to leave and woke up to find you were lied to. Those of you who believed the lies of the Brexiteers or who wanted to give David Cameron and the Westminster elite a bloody nose and now find that they voted for political chaos, economic uncertainty, cuts for the NHS and no change to the numbers of migrants coming into the UK.

As the lies are revealed I urge you not to give up on politics - if you are angry, then get even! Use your vote in the inevitable elections that will be forced upon us to tell politicians that you want honesty, not spin. Show them that you don't care about their petty internal squabbles, that you want a stable government in a stable country to raise your families in, to work in and to grow old in.

The Leave campaign lied to the British people and they are waking up to that fact. Democracy only works if people are given a clear honest choice and they weren't. The Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron has declared that our party will fight the next election 'on a clear and unequivocal promise to restore Britain's prosperity and role in the world, with the United Kingdom in the European Union, not outside it'. I call on the 48% to join us and not let the liars go unchallenged!