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  • Current Conservative Plan for Elms Field
    Article: Jan 21, 2016
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Wokingham Liberal Democrats would like to present their alternative views to the Wokingham Regeneration Scheme.

    The key point of note are:

    • Lower risk and lower cost than Council's proposed scheme
    • Provides a sustainable town centre in the long term
    • Captures as much business as possible for the local economy
    • Transferable to other towns in the Borough
    • Saves the green space at Elms Field
    • Keeps Wokingham's market town feel.
  • Keith Malvern (Wokingham Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Nov 22, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Keith's priorities for Evendons West:

    • Fighting to protect green spaces such as Elms Field and would aim to ensure public access, going forward.
    • Would insist on using public money wisely
    • Campaigning to reduce speeding on Woosehill Spine Road
    • Believes the new market Place must be slip proof and safe for people with mobility and sight imparements.
    • Would insist that the Council should do more to tackle traffic congestion.
    • Wants to keep parking in the centre of Wokingham, where we need it most.
    • Wants fairer funding for wokingham's schools.
  • Wokingham Borough Council
    Article: Jul 28, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    At the Full Council Meeting 23rd July 2015, Wokingham Borough Council unanimously agreed to consult on the budget in future. Until now the Conservative led Council has not carried out any form of budget consultation unlike other councils. The Lib Dems had put forward a motion in a bid to include public consultation and input into decision making about how and where public money is spent each year as the Council sets its annual budgets.

  • Cllr Lindsay Ferris
    Article: Jul 27, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    At the last Council meeting on the 23rd July, local Lib Dems were disappointed with the response to their question about why the Borough has slipped down the national table for its recycling rates.

    Cllr Lindsay Ferris asked the Executive Member for Environment : Why has Wokingham slipped down the local authority ratings for recycling rates and now is only in 232nd position out of 352 local authorities? In answer the Executive Member Cllr Angus Ross claimed that 2 issues affecting the rates were i) the decline in newspaper sales and ii) that road and street sweepings could no longer be included in recycling. Cllr Lindsay Ferris has noted that both these issues affect all national councils in the same way.

  • Cllr Beth Rowland
    Article: Jul 26, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    At last Thursday's Wokingham Borough Council meeting the Lib Dem councillors were delighted that their proposal to get the Council actively lobbying government for an improvement to the funding of the Borough's schools was unanimously agreed across the Council.

    Cllr Beth Rowland (South Lake ward) said "Our schools are the lowest funded in the country and it is not good enough. Our children deserve better and are being penalised. I put forward this motion because the Liberal Democrats are concerned that the low levels of funding will begin to impact on the high standards that local schools achieve."

  • Article: Jul 22, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    At this Thursday's Full Council meeting, Cllr Tom McCann (Loddon ward) will be asking about road resurfacing work and is concerned about ensuring that resurfacing work is being prioritised and allocated fairly across the borough, particularly in his area of Woodley. The state of the borough's roads have a constant impact on our residents and the Council must be open, transparent and able to provide easily accessible information about this repair work and so demonstrate its road maintenance schedules are fair, efficient and effective.

  • Cllr Lindsay Ferris
    Article: Jul 21, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    At this Tursday;'s Full Council meeting, Cllr Lindsay Ferris (Twyford ward) has submitted a question that reflects the Lib Dem group's concerns with why the Borough's recycling rates that have stalled at around 40% . This is really disappointing and has happened despite the Conservative's claims that the new waste service implemented in April 2012 would give a boost to the borough's recycling. This scheme has not made a difference and the Council needs to take some action, recycling rates need to be improved and the Council could achieve this by extending recycling to include more types of waste such as food waste. The low rates of recycling cost our residents money in landfill charges.

  • Cllr Beth Rowland
    Article: Jul 19, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Cllr Beth Rowland (South Lake ward) has submitted a motion to Wokingham Borough council's Full Council Meeting to be held, this Thursday. She is calling for the Council to take action to try and improve funding for our Borough's schools. Local Lib Dems do not think it is good enough to just accept the unfair funding for Wokingham's schools that the government provides. Our pupils deserve better, our schools are under great financial pressure and the Council needs to be taking a lead in improving this situation.

  • Cllr Lindsay Ferris
    Article: Mar 23, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Once again Wokingham's Conservatives showed they don't do local democracy by using their votes to stop last Thursday's Council meeting at 10.30pm, preventing any discussion at all of items raised by the Lib Dems.

    Cllr Lindsay Ferris (Twyford ward) said "I am appalled that the Conservatives think so little of local democracy and engagement with our residents that they continue to block opportunities for any debate or opposition in Wokingham. Over the last five months we have given them many chances to show that they are prepared to listen and seriously debate local issues but each time they have voted against this. At both the November and March council meetings the Conservatives were happy to debate Conservative motions but then stopped the meetings to prevent Lib Dem motions being heard.

  • Wokingham Borough Council
    Article: Mar 9, 2015
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Wokingham Borough Council's Lib Dem group has significant concerns about the possible implications for Wokingham Borough Council's Children's services following the serious case review in Oxfordshire.

    Cllr Lindsay Ferris (Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat group) said "As councillors we have a duty of care to all the children in this borough, particularly the most vulnerable. We want to be sure that we are doing everything in our power to protect them.